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Israel @ Heart for the Week of May 19th


Shavou’ot (Pentecost): A Guide for the Perplexed

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Israel in the News for the Week of May 19th

Another major natural gas find off Israeli coast – Karish reservoir

A significant gas presence on Wednesday evening was reported from the Karish 1 well (shark in English), located about 75 kilometers northwest of Haifa, said The Delek Group, an Israelbased conglomerate and gas provider.

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Video of the Week for the Week of May 19th

Shavuot – The day that shook the world

Discover the most important intellectual development in human history – the giving of the Torah.

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Psalm 52 – Weekly Prayer for Israel

Psalm 52 helps us to understand the destructive nature of evil, and how to distance ourselves from it.

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Pray with Israel and American Friends of Ariel Run for Ariel Program!

Pray With Israel and American Friends of Ariel are pleased to announce our 2013 kick-off initiative: the first-ever “Run for Ariel” program!

Friends of Ariel takes you to the heart of Israel in order to share prayers that emerge from the Land with you, your friends and your family. Ariel is the Capital of Samaria. In the heart of Biblical Israel and at the focus of current events and geo-politics, Ariel is a microcosm of Israel’s deep and vast inspirational meaning. Tuning in to prayers that originate in Ariel means coming into alignment with all that is and will be in Israel. PRAY WITH ISRAEL provides you with opportunities to engage with Israel today through relevant and meaningful prayer.

runnersRun For Ariel

The City of Ariel’s residents are taking on 2013 at full throttle! With the recent announcement acknowledging Ariel University as Israel’s 8th and newest university and with so many projects in the works and recent developments, Ariel is more than ready for the New Year.

With that in mind, American Friends of Ariel and Pray With Israel have decided to launch the 2013 Run for Ariel.

Local residents will be joining a 10 week 10K Marathon run preparation course. During this time they hope to raise funds for a Pray With Israel app – as a way to bring our Pray With Israel followers closer to Israel.

With the growing success of our website and weekly prayer videos, Pray With Israel wants to be able to expand, to bring Pray With Israel to more people around the world. This is why we are hoping to launch an app – one that would mean our followers could take Pray With Israel with them wherever they go.

Help our runners succeed in reaching their $10,000 goal in 10 weeks to run in the Tel Aviv Marathon in March 2013!

By contributing to the Run for Ariel, not only will you be supporting the Pray With Israel initiative, but you will also be able to join our runners – in spirit – as they Run for Ariel!Online fundraising for Pray With Israel's Run for Ariel

For contributions and more information visit our special Giving Page

We thank you for your support…

Ready, Set, Go!!!


Pray With IsraelTime and time again, visitors to Israel ask “how do we pray for Israel?”. They want to keep their Israel experience alive, but they don’t know how. PRAY WITH ISRAEL shares prayers, thoughts and insights about Israel with you, paving the way for Israel to be a part of your life and for you to be a part of Israel.

PRAY WITH ISRAEL invites you to sign up for the Weekly Prayer for Israel, to follow us on Facebook, learn more about us, or share your thoughts and suggestions with us.

Remember that wherever you have an internet connection you can PRAY WITH ISRAEL. Receive prayers for Israel in your email inbox and stay tuned for updates on additional media outlets where you can PRAY WITH ISRAEL.


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